In light of the big National Newspapers showing an awful lot of interest to a humble paper, CLAT I’m compelled to write this article. I’m afraid their onerous interest might just be a bit much for the poor aspirants of CLAT. True to the criticism against them, these newspapers or one such, have gone ahead and suggested “handy tips for CLAT” as offered by last year’s successful candidates without so much as a basic journalistic skill to whet and further research those tips before printing it and shoving it in the face of the gullible aspirants.

And as a result the tips say
“Write 2-3 mocks everyday”
“4 days 4 mocks”

Dear BIG newspaper, did you even read or think of what you’re serving the student with his breakfast? Well I think you just gave them a sure shot drug to cause loosies even before the child could eat his toast and say ding a ling! Please note dear BIG newspaper the avid consumers of that particular article are not the hardened aspirants who’ve been at it for a year and after reading your article would put it aside and burp twice, they on the other hand are the credulous students just out of class 12th, who haven’t even had the time to gather their wits about them when you thrust this on them! We must remember that a successful candidate makes for a credible advisor but with conditions apply.
Not to take away anything from last year’s rank holders, I feel what may have worked for them may not work for others. So these are the issues with the advice they gave
1. the suggestions they gave may help when applied or worked on a little earlier but are strictly inadvisable just 4 days before the paper when such excessive test taking can exhaust and demotivate. So this article should’ve been written a couple of months early.
2. Also these students speak in hind sight and in doing that they are re constructing what they did from memory, which again may not have served them well.
3. What may have worked well for them may not work for others.
4. Any advice given in isolation is meaningless and should be embedded in context. When the students gave suggestions they were compiled and hence lost their context.
5. Just days from the exam an article should be tempered and motivational.

So students I’m left with no other option but to ask you to ignore that article and avoid the following mistakes

1. Focus on analysis and revision than on test taking.
2. Donot take tests after Friday.
3. Focus only on areas you know. Starting a new untouched topic could demotivate you. Still if there’s something left seek advice from teachers and then work.
4. Do not listen to gossip or stud talk. Those that were studs did audacious things. If you know you’re not one just lie low and focus on basics rather than high flying stuff.
5. Whatever one or two tests you want to take should be on screen. That’s one practice you always want to do.
6. Be amongst teachers and positive people whenever you need advice or comforting words.
7. On the day of test keep a close tab on time and refrain from sticking to one question for long. Make it a policy to not spend more than a minute per question ( not applicable for RCs or AR sets where one passage leads to many questions). Whenever stuck respond and then put the question on review to come back to later.

Stay positive stay motivated and remember no paper is the end of the world. And always turn to people you trust for advice.

See you after CLAT

Surabhi Modi

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