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What began as a humble experiment has become in half a decade, a raging pan-India phenomenon. From having 40% of the top 10 in CLAT 2012, to having a whopping 15% of the top 100 in CLAT 2014, new benchmarks at Clat Possible are basically just our own benchmarks. We’ve have already started spreading the success across the nation, so that the dream envisioned some time back can finally be fulfilled to the hilt.

It all began when a young bloke just out of a gruelling MDI-Gurgaon B-school life and a suave female from Hindu College; not so suave then, tottering in half torn jeans somewhere in the North Campus of Delhi University discovered that both of them belonged to Education, a deity directing the lives of lakhs of erudites from her inviolable seat. They determinedly got down to the impossible task to untie their home city from the dogmatic affiliation to standard career choices like IITs and AIIMS.

Dreams became reality and passion became profession. What was initially just an educated couple’s effort at change has today transformed into India’s most successful venture at mentoring students for the hallowed corridors of the National Law Schools. With appreciation from top Law schools we hit the road like there was no end. Workshops, seminars, conclaves & conferences on law as a career option were capped off by the excellent product servicing that our dedicated faculties provided in the classrooms. As you can imagine we aren’t just two people anymore!

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About Team Satyam.


Team Satyam is a maverick group with a passion for excellence.A group out of the ordinary, unfazed by commonplace rules, enriched with innovation, replete with creativity. A goal oriented task keeps us motivated and undeterred.Hence what may seem a daunting and herculean job to others is nothing but a passionate interest for us. And our success is simple and measurable; from a call letter to a smiling face all define success for us.

At Team Satyam, the priority is the student and the student alone. You will find honesty and transparency in all our student dealings. And most importantly, a student-teacher bond that slowly but surely transforms into a great friendship. So much so that a lot of our ex-students often come back to give classes and mentor future aspirants. It only goes to show, a student walks in to Team Satyam oblivious of his potential but moves out transformed and confident to take on the world. We have a sound feedback system. We lay tremendous emphasis on getting the fundamentals right. We encourage incessant practice followed by revision. ‘Inspired learning’ is what the classroom decorum says about Team Satyam. In short, we work harder than most others for the students’ success.

Founding Team

Mr. Satyam Shanker Sahai:

Founder & Chairman

Our Mr. Chairman; Remember the MDI Gurgaon MBA Grad. Before we forget, he also finished IInd runner-up in the Grasim Mr. India 2003 rounds.IronMan Western Australia 140.6, Ironman Hawaii 70.3, An educationalist at heart and a vicious management expert in his brain, it is certainly his visionary observations that brought us to where we are, and Clat Possible is a name to reckon with in more than 16 cities in the span of just 4 years.

Dr. Surabhi Modi Sahai:

Co-founder, MD & CEO

This is the Hindu college alumni who set up the skeletal framework for the academics of the Company.She was also nominated for Fulbright Scholarship (FLTA) to UC,Davis in 2009. Naturally, she continues to head the academics here. A true mentor to thousands of students, she is not only the face of Clat Possible but also the trusted face of Good Advice.

Mr. Sajal Modi:


Engineer by education and an entrepreneur by aptitude, he quit his job at TCS to help facilitate the genesis of the new education firm. He was instrumental in getting the operations up and running for the Company and pioneered the set up of systems and technology required for the smooth day to day operations.

 Team at Head Office:

Ms. Meetu Batra :

Chief Operating Officer-(COO)

Heading our all operations, counselling teams and academics across India, handling marketing team, faculty management and scheduling classes and doubts sessions at the drop of a hat, only she can make it as easy as she does.She holds the Designation of Chief Operating Officer(COO). Believe us, every once in a while somebody tries and then realises it is simply undoable till Meetu paves it along!.

Mr. Praveen Dwivedi :

Chief Technology Officer & Vice President E-learning

Meet the Chief Technology Officer (CTO)of our Company .He is also having a designation Executive Vice President of e – learning possible.He is responsible for overseeing all technical aspects of the company. … Using an active and practical approach.He Supervises system infrastructure to ensure functionality and efficiency.The webportal of ours, ERP systems, the spectacularly managed MyZone section, live classes and online presence is back boned by Praveen. The fact that he is available even at the oddest hours of the night for user concerns perhaps is a bonus that we haven’t even come to fully acknowledge.

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