A Clat Possible franchisee is the opportunity to gain from one of the most lucrative and fastest growing test preparation segments in the education industry- law school test preparation. The dominant legal preparation market leader in Uttar Pradesh is calling all interested entrepreneurs with zeal to conquer and vision to succeed and make this an opportunity for a life time.

With superior royalty ratios, limited investment requirements, the most superior and cutting edge technological support, high end academic and content generation by alumnus of National Law Schools and IIMs, and leaders with unmatched records, this is an argument which will succeed inside and outside the courtroom.

About CLAT

At present there are 15 national law Universities throughout the country. Eleven of these National Law Universities conduct a joint exam for admission, called the Common Law Aptitude Test. NLUs- Delhi, Odissha and Assam conduct their separate exams. Private universities including Symbiosis, Jindal and Amity have their own exams as well.

The number of students taking the entrance exam for these law schools has risen exponentially. Even if we are to see CLAT alone as a business opportunity this translates into a market which has grown almost 250% in the past four years and almost 39% last year alone. Based on that figure 2012 should see at least forty thousand students taking the exams for roughly 1200 seats on offer, making the entrance a highly competitive exam and the market extremely inviting to enter. Our early recognition of this potential made us a front runner in the market.

About Clat Possible

Possible Education Pvt. Ltd, is a private limited company having its Registered office in Lucknow. In the business of professional education for over eight years now, the company has completely changed the scenario of professional education in Lucknow. The company has diversified its portfolio manifold and hires some of the best people in the industry at a premium to run its operations. We are present in MBA, CSAT and Law, with Banking Entrance on the cards.

Our tipping point came in 2010 when we hired teachers from Team Satyam, the maverick mentors with the highest rate of conversions in students. As our own initiative we have now developed a parallel brand of Team Satyam and forms the flagship of our operations. Our networks span across the country including Delhi, Calcutta, Pune and Bangalore .Our students are alumnus of every standing and National law University in the country. Our foundations are rooted in a strong sense of ethics, found rarely where professional education has been reduced to coaching centers.

At the end of the day we are a corporate organization, and profits are a priority, a priority which is always addressed. Our success lies in visionary thinking, enlightened mentorship and profitable entrepreneurship, and we expect nothing short nor deliver anything less.

What sets us apart

CLAT, AILET and Law Entrance focussed Curriculum made by the Best Faculty in India.

We are Online ready. Extensive online study material, unparalleled in the industry.

Consistent track record of large number of admissions in the top law schools of India.

Why Clat Possible

Clatpossible was the vision of five people, an engineer, an entrepreneur, a full bright scholar, an educator and a lawyer who brought in their expertise to create a brand and an academic model which rewrite the history of law school test preparation.

The fusion of these diverse energies created history from the day of its inception. Clatpossible was built with great speed over the last two years and has become the undisputed leader in Lucknow, the second largest of the CLAT centers throughout the country.

The unparallel success in Lucknow led to the expansion to other cities in Uttar Pradesh and operations began in the cities of Kanpur, (a challenge being the traditional market for engineering preparation) and Allahabad, (known as a seat of traditional legal learning).

Last year the highly acclaimed Correspondence products were rolled out which received an immediate response especially from Oddisha and Madhya Pradesh.

And it was not CLAT but focus on law schools as a whole which expanded our base. Clatpossible covers the preparation for all the law schools entrance exams and has emerged as a national brand eventually.

About Team Satyam.


Team Satyam is a maverick group with a passion for excellence.A group out of the ordinary, unfazed by commonplace rules, enriched with innovation, replete with creativity. A goal oriented task keeps us motivated and undeterred.Hence what may seem a daunting and herculean job to others is nothing but a passionate interest for us. And our success is simple and measurable; from a call letter to a smiling face all define success for us.

At Team Satyam, the priority is the student and the student alone. You will find honesty and transparency in all our student dealings. And most importantly, a student-teacher bond that slowly but surely transforms into a great friendship. So much so that a lot of our ex-students often come back to give classes and mentor future aspirants. It only goes to show, a student walks in to Team Satyam oblivious of his potential but moves out transformed and confident to take on the world. We have a sound feedback system. We lay tremendous emphasis on getting the fundamentals right. We encourage incessant practice followed by revision. ‘Inspired learning’ is what the classroom decorum says about Team Satyam. In short, we work harder than most others for the students’ success.

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