The students have been pouring in with their results since midnight yesterday. RGNUL has indeed played it safe after the insanity of unpredictability last year. The cut-offs are expected to soar in comparison to  last year and are most likely going to be a touch higher than 2014. This means that there will be a lot of students with tied scores mostly due to the soaring scores. Therefore the scores in the legal section may be of a lot of relevance since that’s the deciding factor for the tie-break. So while you are checking your overall score, take a crack at your legal section score as well. There are a couple of questions that we think are certainly incorrect (the good thing is all of our students have anyways marked the answer that we think is correct!), which means that the CLAT committee will once again be in the firing line if they don’t make the changes in review. As in previous years, we have already lawyered up to go to the High Court(s), if the CLAT Committee needs to be dragged there. All said and done we think that a ticket to Bangalore should be booked for a score of above 157! Detailed cut-off below:

NLSIU – 157

NALSAR – 152+

NUJS – 145

NLIU – 139

NLUJ – 138

GNLU – 136

HNLU – 135

RMLNLU – 132

RGNUL – 129

NLUO – 127

CNLU – 126

NUSRL – 123

NLUJAA – 123

Final cut off should be around 115

Hope all of you have an idea about your ranks now; let’s wait for May 23!

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