• Legal Contract Podcast hot

    3,300.00 2,200.00 + taxes extra

    In this Contract-Podcast,We are covering Introduction of Contract,Basic Elements of Contract:Promissory Estoppel & inkling of legal Consequences,Essentials of Contract: Offer, Acceptance, Outcome of a contract,Capacity to enter into a Contract,Undue Influence & Coercion,Misrepresentation and fraud.

  • Legal Criminal Podcast hot

    2,700.00 1,700.00 + taxes extra

    In this Criminal-Podcast,We are covering Introduction to Criminal Law,Applicability of Criminal Law,Elements of Crime,General Defenses (Mistake),General Defenses (Insanity and intoxication),General Defenses (Accidents),General Defenses (Good Faith),Sedition,Wrongful Restraint.

  • Legal Torts Podcast hot

    2,100.00 1,000.00 + taxes extra

    In this torts-Podcast,We are covering Introduction, Malicious Prosecution, Vicarious Liability, General Defenses, General Defenses (Strict Liability), General Defenses (Absolute Liability) & Conversion.

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