My dear students, believe it or not we are as nervous as you are as you embark on the final journey to CLAT 2019. all through the year we worked for this day and yet as it approaches we dread it, fearing not your under preparedness, there isnt any but any unforeseeen surprises that the paper may spring upon you. still we believe you, CPians are far better equipped to handle even that. so i start by saying believe in your self! 

now what should you be doing you know. im more interested in giving you a run through on what is not to be done.
1. stay away from unsolicited advice – the last minute chaturs who have studied everything are a plenty. you dont need them to tell you how much they have studied. just walk away with no guilt or remorse
2. trust what your teachers tell you – i gloat when i write this but really what other option do you have? on a more serious note they care about you notwithstanding. they know your hits and misses so their advice will take you a long way.
3. do not fret about what you havent completed, just concentrate on what you have- taking stress on what hasnt been done by you will take you nowhere. how can it help? so forget that and conserve your energy on revising whatever you know. keeping your wits about you will help you on thedayof the exam.
4. sleep well and be fresh – a fresh mind will help you a lot more than a tired one. rote learning a day before may not be the greatest option. so heres to a fresh start.
5. do not stick to questions you are unable to solve- clat is not the time to show youre macho. just move on and let go of questions you cant solve. focus on doing the questions you can and then wrestling with the ones you cant.
6. do not mess up section time – each section should have its stipulated time; my break up would be 25minutes for english, 15 math, 12 gk, 30 legal and 25 logical and the remaining to whichever section you wish.
7. set a target score and work backward – best way is while solving you should be in control of the paper and keep a check on those wild guesses. or at least know them from the answers youre sure of. that will help you know how much further away from your target you are.
8. do not get stuck – if a question is holding you up just put it on star to come back to later but do not get stuck.
so i hope this pyjama letter motivates you. feel free while reading it as its harmless advice, so much so i didnt bother with punctuation or capital letters. or some of it.
loads of wishes and luck.
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