How Do I Get There

How Do I Get There?


The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is conducted by one of the 21 participating NLUs, in the order of their year of establishment. The CLAT exam is usually held on the 2nd Sunday of May every year, approximately 40 days after the boards,but in 2019 it has been done on 4th Sunday of May.

Break-up of the CLAT paper

The paper comprises 200 objective type questions/multiple-choice questions over 5 sections. The time given is 2 hours and a good score that can ensure your place in the top Law Schools is in the range of 155+. The subjects tested under CLAT are as follows:

  • English
  • Legal Aptitude
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Mathematics
  • General Knowledge

Each year, some new changes are introduced by the CLAT Committee but the broad pattern has remained the same so far. There is also negative marking (that was introduced in CLAT 2013) whereby each wrong answer would cost you -0.25 marks. Unattempted questions do not result in negative marking.

Skills required for CLAT

Like any competitive entrance exam, even CLAT looks at sharpness and an objective acumen in its candidates, not to mention briskness and agility to move between sections.  Broadly, the following skills are require to be sharpened and an orientation required:

  • Basic English – A good knowledge of grammar, a good grasp over vocabulary and word usage, quick reading and comprehension.
  • Application of concepts for Legal and Logical – basic knowledge of deductive reasoning and syllogistic application
  • Clear and lucid thinking.
  • A thorough knowledge of current affairs and trivia; heads of states/ organisation, basic Indian history, economics, geography and civics.
  • A basic grasp of basic legal trivia, legal terms and political science.
  • Speed calculation; a very basic grasp of arithmetic and probability.

How to prepare?

CLAT or any law school examination has to be made a matter of habit and routine. This, I say, as a direct consequence to the above mentioned skills.  If you think this preparation is possible within a fortnight, just as you might have been preparing for most of your schools and college exams and emerging with flying colour. The reason why your earlier model cannot be replicated here is because this is an aptitude paper with a vast tableau for practice and knowledge base requirement. Just imagine trying to grasp all the year’s current events and their footnotes overnight! Secondly, other sections are practicebased which get honed over time and practice and answering them is a matter of prioritising and decision making which comes with guidance and practice. So, there isn’t much of rote learning here but more of systematic study and a correct orientation.

If a student is a regular newspaper reader and has acumen for logic, then with the right guidance and appropriate amount of study, one can excel here. To the contrary, if you feel you are weak in either or both of the domains above, you needn’t fret because a timely preparation model will produce the desired results. All it will take is a steady study module.

Why Clat possible

Clat Possible is a team of dedicated professionals who hail from the top corporate backgrounds with a hugely academic bent of mind. Our students are most important to us, which is why we’re proud to have been the most successful Law Test Preparation institute in India. With almost 10% of all NLU students from CP, our alumni stays involved with us through law school and beyond. Exhaustive materials, highest number of mocks, regular GK updates, monthly digests and detailed information about various law schools, including interactions with NLU students and alumni are just part of our highlights. We understand that every student is unique, every situation is different and at CP, the mentors know exactly how to deal with every situation because “personal care” is not just a phrase around here it’s a lifestyle! If you have any doubts, come and meet the mentors, who by the way are the same people who are on the brochure unlike many other institutes! Yes, we don’t have high flying names just for the sake of it on the brochures, we don’t believe in lying to our students. By the way, our everyday faculty who will steer you include somebody alumni from NLSIU, Bangalore, and alumni from St. Stephen’s, MDI-Gurgaon and Hindu College amongst others.

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