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Clat Coaching in Noida

Delhi/NCR and Legal/Law Studies go hand in hand. Such has been the growth in the legal world over the years in the city, that it has resulted in a sharp increase in demand for quality law professionals. Today the law professionals are required in almost every field. Dearth of quality lawyers has compelled the Indian government to come up with a strategic plan to make a proper channel for law education.

Consequently, additional NLU’s have been established and multiple law entrance exams are now being conducted to get the best of minds to join the program. Couple of top law universities like NLU-Delhi, Jindal Global Law School are situated in the NCR region.

The mental ability and educational prowess of Delhi-ites are well exemplified by the various accomplished and exemplary professionals climbing the success ladder in various fields be it IT, corporate or even public administration.

Moreover the proud Delhi-ites are persuasive speakers and logically perceptive, which gives them the edge to tackle a peculiar situation and make them an ideal candidate to pursue law education.

Tasked with the mission of providing its students with a top-notch law education, Team Satyam, have instituted  “Clat Possible” a Law entrance coaching  centre in the city.

Clat Possible Delhi centre is located at Connaught place, the heart of capital city. It is well connected to the rest of the city areas by means of advanced public transport (Metro), local buses/taxies and other fleet system.

Consequently making the centre easily accessible to students/law aspirants residing at different parts of NCR.

As any other big city Delhi offers an exposure to fast and convenient  life along with various opportunities. Being the national capital Delhi has inherent advantages too. Also there are multiple hostels, PGs, food courts, book stores, stationary and printing shop available nearby , providing all the basic amenities a law student can think of and making the centre best choice for students coming to Delhi-NCR from various parts of India.


Best Faculties for Law Entrance Exams

English & Verbal Reasoning

Dr. Surabhi Modi Sahai

This is the Hindu college alumni who set up the skeletal framework for the academics of the Company. She was also nominated for Fulbright Scholarship (FLTA) to UC,Davis in 2009. A true mentor to thousands of students, she is not only the face of SSC Possible but also the trusted face of Good Advice. Full Bright Scholarship from UC Davis (USA), Alumnus Hindu College.

GK & General Studies

Sanjay Singh

The man who knows everything about everything! The most loved and adored member of the team heads the GK section. While he isn’t making GK fun in the classes he is usually finishing drafting the GK compendiums that have always set us apart!

Mathematics & AR

Abhishek Singh

Satyam Shanker Sahai

Our Mr. Chairman; Remember the MDI Gurgaon MBA Grad. Before we forget, he also finished IInd runner-up in the Grasim Mr. India 2003 rounds. An educationalist at heart and a vicious management expert in his brain, it is certainly his visionary observations that brought us to where we are, and SSC Possible is a name to reckon.


Akash Joshi

Akash Joshi Akash Joshi is a graduate from NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad (Class of 2015). During his time in college, he participated in various national moot court competitions. After graduating, he worked as an associate with J. Sagar Associates (JSA), one of the top law firms of the country until 2018.

Vertika Nagar

Abhishek Thakur

A graduate from RMLNLU whose fluency in the legal reasoning classes is matched by and reflected only his own achievements in Moot Court Competitions. From representing India in the Jessup International Rounds in Washington, to breaking down international law for law aspirants, this is a man only too comfortable with the diversity of his work.