Learning Management System

Clat Possible believes in implementation and innovation. Every year we not only teach thousands of students, we also mentor and hand–hold them to their colleges. Our success is measured in the sheer numbers of our students who join different NLUs every year. This year with the CLAT new pattern exam, we were the first institute to introduce new pattern mocks and new pattern practice books. Our innovation has not stopped and now we have come up with our most promising platform for CLAT. Clat Possible has its own ADAPTIVE LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM for the CLAT exam now.

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How does our superior LMS help you reach your goals?

Clat Possible Online Preparation is the first of its kind Learning Management System for CLAT/AILET preparation. It is SMART and USER-FRIENDLY, and one-stop destination for all CLAT preparation resources.



A learning management system in the most layman terms is a technological platform that allows students to learn and practice concepts at their own pace. A learning management system is fueled by great content; which includes both teaching modules and lessons, and practice testing. In an Adaptive Learning Management System, this teaching and testing is paced out. A student is re – directed to a topic if the test scores are not good and if they are, the student then progresses to the next test or the next lesson. In the CLAT LMS of Clat Possible a student will be introduced to such a system other than the offline/ live classes he/she will get.


Detailed practice tests

The lessons come with practice tests. This adaptive test tells a student whether to re -do the concept or move to the next lesson

Sorted session plans

The session plan is divided into diagnostic tests after completion of every chapter or two of all the subjects. This helps a student know if he/she is comfortable with this module.

Flash card tools

Many concepts come with flash cards that help a student revise. These are a great revision tool to help you in accuracy and speed.

Mobile app

LMS is now on the Clat Possible mobile app and learning is only a touch away.

Finest quality concept

The lessons are explained with past year papers. These lessons can be paused, taken forward or reversed.