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Legal PYQ

Passage based Legal Aptitude, Questions for CLAT, AILET. Authoritative solutions by CLAT Possible Legal team include topic-wise segregation of past 28 years of legal aptitude questions, major exams such as CLAT, AILET & NLSIU, extra points for enhanced conceptual clarity, authoritative answers with a detailed explanation, 1200+ Legal Reasoning questions based on 250 passages on Torts, Contracts, Criminal Law & Constitutional Law.



CLAT and AILET GK Magazine: Your One-Stop Solution for Exam Success!

General Knowledge (GK) plays a crucial role in competitive exams like CLAT and AILET. To provide you with a comprehensive yet concise preparation material, we have meticulously designed our GK magazine. Our methodology focuses on delivering a one-stop solution, with no unnecessary details, to help you excel in the GK section. Here's what you can expect: 1. Passages with Relevant Links: Our GK magazine incorporates thoughtfully curated passages that cover diverse topics from national and international events to economics, legal matters, awards, and sports. These passages will help you understand the context and significance of each topic better. Moreover, we provide relevant links for further reading, enabling you to delve deeper into specific subjects if you wish. 2. News-in-Brief Section: Time is of the essence during competitive exams, and we value that. Our News-in-Brief section presents the most important current affairs in a concise format. This ensures that you stay updated on the latest happenings without getting lost in lengthy articles. This section allows you to cover a wide range of topics efficiently. 3. Topic Delineation under Multiple Headings: To facilitate effective studying and quick revision, we organize the GK content under multiple headings. This systematic approach ensures that you can easily locate and review specific topics when needed. The headings cover various areas like national, international, economics, legal, awards, and sports, providing a well-rounded GK preparation. 4. Comprehensive Legal Section: Legal knowledge is a significant aspect of CLAT and AILET exams. Our magazine addresses this by offering a comprehensive legal section. Under different headings, we cover essential legal developments and landmark cases at the national and international levels. This content not only aids in the GK section but also strengthens your understanding of legal concepts, benefiting you in the overall examination. 5. Infographics & Pictographs: Visual aids can enhance comprehension and retention of information. Our GK magazine includes infographics and pictographs to present complex data and statistics in a visually appealing manner. These graphics provide a quick overview of important facts, making it easier to recall and apply the information during the exam. Conclusion: Our revised GK magazine for CLAT and AILET preparation aims to provide you with a refined and focused study material. With our one-stop solution, you can access essential GK content without unnecessary details. The passages with links, News-in-Brief section, well-organized topics, comprehensive legal section, and visual aids like infographics and pictographs collectively create a comprehensive yet concise resource for your exam readiness. Stay dedicated to your preparation, practice regularly, and remember that success comes from a blend of knowledge and exam strategy. We wish you the best of luck in your preparation and a bright future ahead!




I am really grateful for the decision that I joined clat possible’s two year Zephyr program, I would not have been here without cp and it’s helpful team, teachers are not just teachers but they become your mentors, your friends. Apart from immense help from teachers, i really would like to appreciate the mocks of cp, those are the best mocks in the coaching industry, cp does believe in quality over quantity and it made me believe that too, thank you so much clat possible and an even bigger thanks to my most supportive parents and family!!

Harshita Garg | AIR 5 | AILET 2024

My name is Shreyas Pandey and with utmost pride and pleasure. I can say I am a student of the two year program of clatpossible like many fellows of my age. I was not completely sure about my career options, after joining clatpossible I not only furthered my interest in law, but also explored the beauty of this field. The competitive environment here not only gives us an idea of the competition of the contemporary world but also gave me an opportunity to make great friends and meet great mentors, who played a crucial role in the course of my preparation. After joining clat possible I no longer needed to hunt for material be it mocks, practice sheets, GK magazines. You will get everything here. Anyone who dreams of getting into the legal field nead not think twice before joining Clat Possible.

Shreyas Pandey | AIR 25 | CLAT 2024

Law was my dream career. It was the only profession I had actually ever given a thought to. So soon after my Class 10 board exams, I enrolled with CLAT POSSIBLE as a two year student. The experience of the faculty as well as the world class mocks really helped me push myself to the top. My gk was absolutely dreadful and I was just about average in Maths. With the teachers here at CP, my reading sections became stronger and stronger and my mathematics and gk gradually improved. The cordial yet competitive background helped me cope up with the pressure on the final day and ace my exams. I thank all the faculty here for providing me with the best so I could achieve this feat!!!

Managya Sinha | AIR 51 | CLAT 2024

Joining Clat possible was easily one of my best decisions ever !!! Nothing beats the mocks and the faculty at CP.
Be it assignments, books, mock analysis or gk magazines it’s very comprehensive and curated in detail.
The teachers are very approachable and you can easily get all your doubts cleared at any time
They prepare you to confidently face anything and everything that the paper could ask.
And the friends and the mentors you meet are people you can treasure forever!!!

Brahmjot Sran | AIR 67 | CLAT 2024

The journey has been incredible with highs and lows ,the constant support of my parents and mentors helped me sail through..i thank clat possible for constantly guiding me towards the right path with the right vigour,the club batch classes were really helpful and they provided me with the much needed momentum ..I am really thankful to Priyanka ma’am because she showed me the exact method using which one can ace the gk section…for me ,what worked was consistency and patience…lastly,how can I forget our beloved surabhi ma’am for constantly telling me and coaxing me to not lose hope…certainly the combined efforts of my parents ,my mentors has finally paid off…

Vania Mittal | AIR 90 | CLAT 2024

I found the mocks to be aligned with the actual CLAT paper. The English section was really aligned to what was actually asked in the paper. There was some change in every mock so as to make us comfortable with the changes that may be introduced in the actual CLAT paper. I thank clat possible for all the support extended in my clat preparation journey

Rishabh Shivani | AIR 1 | CLAT 2022

I enrolled for Zephyr two-year online program at Clat Possible and have secured AIR 3. I would like to thank CP for constant guidance and encouragement. Thank You Clat Possible for all the support

Shivaansh Chaudhary | AIR 3 | CLAT 2022

Nothing can beat the faculty CP. They are not just our mentors but also our well-wishers. The kind of camaraderie we have with our teachers is something that I have never seen before with anyone.The CP study material is a class apart. It really made us sweat and prepared us for whatever came our way. The quality of mocks is commendable. CP excels at stimulating our brains to think out of the box

Akshat Agarwal | AIR 5 | CLAT 2022

I subscribed to CP as I had got good references about their news compendiums. Their mocks were useful too. The CP mocks were very helpful in boosting my preparation. They were difficult as compared to other mocks which gave me an extra edge over others on the D-day

Sanjana Rao | AIR 7 | CLAT 2022

I am from Dehradun and appeared for CLAT 2021 & secured an All India Rank of 16. CP’s mocks helped me a lot in preparing for CLAT. The detailed solution analysis was very helpful. I am thankful to CLAT Possible.


CP prep material and mocks are possibly the best and most comprehensive ones you can find and mentors are some of the most experienced and helped me raise my mock scores by working on my weaknesses and further honing my strengths. I was a two-year classroom student at CP and the kind of environment and guidance I received helped me immensely.


I joined CLAT Possible in the 11th standard. The two-year program meticulously designed for students attending school helped me in preparing for CLAT and other law entrance examinations, with my regular schooling. The mentorship that I received from teachers at CP helped me strategize my preparation and assess my performance on a daily basis.

SAIF ALI | AIR 32 | CLAT 2021

I had enrolled in the Zephyr Batch of 2021 and right from the start CP proved to be an invaluable tool in my arsenal for the CLAT. Its excellent faculty, coupled with an impeccable range of compendiums, class exercises, and sessions guided my preparation, laid down fundamental concepts, and stood behind me at every step, constantly inspiring me and pushing me to strive harder.


I started my preparation in class 12th and secured AIR 51 in CLAT 2021. CP is a very reputed name for CLAT entrance preparation and my school friends also backed up the claims with results. CP has helped me achieve this feat with its mocks, test series, guidance, and above all, dedicated faculty. CP mocks and study material helped me prepare intensively.


I got 72 rank in CLAT 2021 in my first attempt, which I sat for along with class 12 boards. I’d like to thank the CLAT Possible team for playing a major role in my preparation. I had enrolled in the 2-year Classroom program and I sincerely recommended to all aspirants. The professionalism, speed, and quality of the feedback I received helped me immensely and improved the quality of my answers.


CLAT Possible is a result-oriented organization with excellent faculty who are extremely responsive and address every query promptly. There are active discussions on current affairs which helped me greatly in the preparation for current affairs. I would like to thank them for their invaluable role in my preparation.

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