About Law Schools

Law schools enjoy the prestige that they do not solely because they are the crucibles for tomorrow’s legal experts but also because they are life-changing in every way. They help students achieve a life that they aspire to and also broaden their outlook through numerous activities and engagements. They are rich, nourishing grounds that create future ideologists, change-makers, and thought leaders. Five years at a National Law University enriched the lives of students in more ways than you can imagine.



At the heart of any law school experience lies a strong base of academics. Academics here are interdisciplinary in approach and mostly adopt the Socratic method. The academics are peppered with intense debates, healthy exchange of ideas, fostering of interests, and a deeper understanding of what the job entails. These institutes have some of the finest mentors who are adept at the subjects that they teach. While there is a subject matter that needs memorization, there is ample emphasis on learning by doing through projects, presentations, vivas, and other activities that are an integral part of the academic calendar. In all, it is a holistic experience that encompasses activities related to and offset by academics.

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Designed as standalone universities, law schools have extensive infrastructures that support legal studies and research. The infrastructure is broadly divided into Physical and Academic. Physical infrastructure is the building and classrooms equipped with state-of-the-art technology devices such as projectors and presentation devices. Most NLUs, with some exceptions, are also residential, which means students compulsorily stay on campus. The hostels and eating arrangements can greatly vary between very humble to extremely comfortable. The food is generally influenced by the local cuisine, though they carry food that is acceptable to a wider regional population as NLUs are multicultural in nature. Many NLUs also have seminar halls and auditoriums where events and activities on a national and international scale can be held. The academic infrastructure or the soft infrastructure is the more important aspect. It includes libraries, student facilities, and other resources. The finest law schools have online and digital databases that students can search for cases, journals, and articles from around the world. It is this wealth of information that sets one law school apart from the other.

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Mooting, Debating, and Conference

If there is one activity that students especially love at NLUs, it is mooting. It is centered around presenting two teams with a fictitious case and they argue the problem henceforth. It requires a good understanding of the subject matter and some expertise in arguing the case. Students who are good mooters enjoy an enviable reputation not only in their own schools but also in the student community at large. Debating is another activity that is hugely popular among students. These are organized and encouraged by the Debating Societies and Committees. Many national and international competitions hold debates such as the Mukherjee Memorial at Stephens, Premchand at Hindu, the NISIU Parliamentary Debate, and the NALSAR Intervarsity Debating Championship. Good debaters also go to the Oxford-Cambridge Debates.

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Sports and Extra-Curricular Activities

Sports are an important part of law schools. They are regarded with respect and many law schools have extensive infrastructures to support them. The most popular sports on campus are cricket, football, and basketball but other sports are not overlooked. NALSAR has an open field for a stadium and well-constructed courts for various sports. The sporting culture is so huge in the top three NLUs (NLSIU, NALSAR, and NUJS) that they come together every year and host the Trilateral Series. NUJS hosts INVICTA which is the biggest sports law school festival. Music is also pursued with passion at many NLUs. Numerous amateur bands play across various law schools. NISIU hosts Strawberry Fields, the largest Amateur Rock Festival in the country. There is plenty of emphasis on theatre, dancing, and other activities as well. With ample infrastructure backing the pursuit of these activities, students become very zealous about them.

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In pursuit of a career in law, one of the most important stages is an internship. It is a crucial and compulsory part of any law school curriculum. Students are required to intern at libraries, NGOs, governmental departments and organizations, lawyer chambers, corporates, banks, publishing houses, and law firms. This preps them for future challenges and gives them a taste of working in a legal capacity in the real world.

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Publications and Conferences

Writing and publishing articles and papers is looked up to in the legal fraternity. Students are encouraged to write and publish papers on topics of law and society. These publications carry a lot of weightage especially if you are considering pursuing an LLM in universities such as Yale, Harvard, and Oxford. Alongside, students also submit proposals for papers and research at conferences before a body of academic scholars. Both these activities are held in high esteem and greatly add value to any student‘s profile.

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Students get to travel the world for their official assignments, internships, moot courts and also when their placements are in progress. Even within the country, students take many fun day trips and weekend excursions with their fellow students.

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Quality of Life

A law school is one of the best places to groom you to be the best version of yourself. You get to develop your talents, feel more confident, make new friends and develop your personality.

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