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A five year stint at a National Law University can be a life changing experience. Students enter a law school with lots of hopes and aspirations, some expectant, some scared but mostly excited. The child who came to law school is barely recognizable by himself/herself leave alone his parents and school peers.


The heart of your five years experience the academic experience tries to be interdisciplinary in approach and adoptive of the Socratic method in approach. The drab black lines are often animated by a lively, politically incorrect and emotionally charged discussions and debates in the classroom. However, some classes are indeed boring depending on your lack of interest or your teachers abilities but these are in between. Each law school has some fantastic mentors capable of making you fall in love with their subject. Additionally the academic scene is not all examination preparation. Presentations, Viva and projects are an all important part of the academic calendar which not only makes the academic experience holistic but also encourages you to share and debate what you have learnt.


The law schools were made as standalone universities which were supposed to be equipped with all that which is necessary to report excellence in legal studies and research. Infrastructure is divided into two parts Physical and academic. Physical infrastructure means that the building is equipped with classroom and state of the art technology devices like projectors and presentation devices. Most NLUs are compulsorily residential but this rule does have exceptions like NUJS, Kolkatta. The hostels and mess cannot be generalized as they vary from University to University. Some hostels are very humble like that of NLSIU and some are very comfortable like that of RMNLU. Mess often carry a regional flavour to their cuisine, though each mess does have a cosmopolitan menu considering the junta has a pan India character. A large number of NLUs are investing in the creation of Seminar Halls, Auditoriums and Seminar Halls were events of an international scale can be held. Nalsar, Hyderabad and NLU Delhi lead in the hosting of such events.

The soft infrastructure and frankly the one that really really matters is the Library and student facilities. NLSIU Bangalore, NALSAR and RMNLU are known for their libraries offering a wide variety of volumes. This is supplemented by online and digital databases for searching cases, journals and articles from around the world.

Such an infrastructure requires an immense budget, which the traditional laws schools usually lack.

Mooting Debating and Conference

Mooting is one of the most exciting activities in NLUs. It involves a fictitious case where teams are allocated sides to argue a problem. This is an activity which requires a lot of hard work but for the ones who enjoy it, it is great fun. Successful mooters enjoy legendary status not only in their own law schools but the community at large.

Debating-well that is what we are trained to do, Right? Right. Debating tails mooting as perhaps the most vied for activity in law schools. Debating is usually organized and encouraged by the Debating Societies and Committees. There are large number of national and international competitions where law schoolites are known to do well. Mukherjee Memorial at Stephens, Premchand at Hindu and the NLSIU Parliamentary are good examples. Students have also gone to the Oxford-Cambridge Debates and acquitted themselves very well there.

Sports and Extra Curricular

Sports are looked up to at Law Schools, and cricket, football and basketball are the most popular, not to say that there is no facility for others. There is, but these are the ones in strongest currency. Some law schools have invested in good sports infrastructure, eg. NALSAR which has an open field with a proper open air auditorium. Cricket is also big. There is for example the NLSIU-NALSAR cricket series which is contested by the fervour of Ashes. INVICTA hosted by NUJS is the biggest sports law school festival. Often in the common room you shall find people hooked on to racing swimming tennis and even chess matches following their heroes in sight and practice.

Other extracurricular include the music scene. A large number of amateur bands are present in law schools. NLSIU hosts Strawberry fields the largest Amateur Rock festival in the country. Theatre, dancing and other activities are also there but of course not comparable to the Delhi University scene.


A yet another crucial and compulsory part of the law school curriculum. Since the NLU course is a professional one students are required to put in internships every year which usually average to two per annum. Students apply what they have learnt and are able to see realtime action. Internships are diverse and extend from Libraries, NGOs, Governmental Departments and organizations, lawyer chambers, Corporates, Banks, Publishing Houses and Law firms.

A five year stint at a National Law University can be a life changing experience. Students enter a law school with lots of hopes and aspirations, some expectant, some scared but mostly excited. The child who came to law school is barely recognizable by himself/herself leave alone his parents and school peers.

Publications and Conferences

A lot of law students write and publish articles and papers on complex questions of law and society. These publications carry a lot of weightage especially if one is one is considering an LLM in universities like Yale, Harvard and Oxford. Parallel to these are conference where students submit proposals for papers and research and go and present their findings before a body of academic scholars. Both of these activities have very high profile building values.


Students travel over the world for their official assignments, internships, moot courts and when their placements come about. Besides these you often also take day and weekend trips spelt Fun with your fellows. Travel and explorations are very strong character building exercises.

Quality of Life

The Best part about law school is that it lets you be you. There is place for every personality and the chance to develop your strong points. If youre social or even a loner you still are a part of the community. You make friends (and enemies) and have awesome fun in the process. It is not a bed of roses all through and you do have some dull moments, but these become limited once you have a set of loyal friends. Happiness at the end of the day is choice, and if choose to partake the law school experience with an eager and enthusiastic approach the journey can be one awesome life changing experience.

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