CLAT 2024 Exam Analysis: Easier Pattern and Expected Cut-off Insights

By I Dec 03, 2023

The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) 2024 has recently concluded, and it's time to dive into the first impressions and an analysis of the expected cut-off. This year's CLAT seemed more approachable compared to its predecessor, marking a significant shift in difficulty level and pattern. Let's unpack the details.

Ease in Difficulty:

The CLAT 2024 noticeably veered towards being easier than last year's examination. Candidates who appeared for the exam reported a smoother experience, particularly highlighting the General Knowledge (GK) section. This section predominantly covered contemporary topics, including recent global events such as the G-20 summit and developments in Palestine. Such topical relevance not only made the section more engaging but also more navigable for those who kept up with current affairs.

Pattern Change and Its Impact:

Another pivotal aspect of CLAT 2024 was the change in its pattern. This alteration seemed to have positively impacted the overall difficulty level of the exam. The new pattern, which was designed to test candidates' comprehension and analytical abilities in a more streamlined manner, has been well-received. This shift is indicative of CLAT’s evolving nature, aiming to assess legal aptitude more effectively.

Expected Cut-off CLAT 2024 Exam Analysis

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CLAT 2024 Exam Analysis

Detailed Analysis 

For a more comprehensive understanding, we have a detailed video analysis of CLAT 2024. This video will give you an in-depth view of the exam's structure, difficulty level, and expected cut-off.

Detailed Section Wise Analysis

Key Takeaways:

The GK section was a standout this year, being more current-affairs-focused.

The pattern change contributed to a simpler and more candidate-friendly exam.

The expected cut-off, as depicted in the photo above, suggests competitive scoring.


How was the Legal Reasoning section in CLAT 2024?

The Legal Reasoning section was balanced, with a mix of theoretical and practical legal scenarios.

Were there any surprise elements in CLAT 2024?

Apart from the pattern change, the exam followed a predictable structure without major surprises.

How should one prepare for CLAT considering the recent pattern change?

Focus on current affairs, improve comprehension skills, and practice with mock tests that mimic the new pattern.


The CLAT 2024 exam analysis points to a trend where the exam is becoming more streamlined and aligned with practical knowledge and current affairs. This bodes well for future law aspirants as it indicates a shift towards testing real-world legal acumen. As for the expected cut-off, candidates should brace for a competitive scoring range, given the exam's easier nature this year.