CLAT Possible Alumnus Archit Deva Triumphs in UPSC 2023 with Stellar AIR 357

By I Apr 20, 2024

Archit Deva UPSC 2023

Archit Deva's Remarkable Educational Odyssey: From CLAT Prodigy to UPSC Victor

The landscape of competitive exams in India is one marked by stories of relentless determination and intellectual prowess. Among these tales stands out Archit Deva, a name synonymous with dedication and academic success. A beacon for aspirants nationwide, Archit's journey from a stellar performance in the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) to a commendable accomplishment in the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exam is not just a testament to his dedication but also to the nurturing grounds of CLAT Possible, an institute that lays the foundational stones for many such success sagas.

Early Beginnings with CLAT Possible

Starting as a hopeful law aspirant, Archit's journey was forged through the comprehensive preparatory programs at CLAT Possible. The institute’s holistic approach laid a robust foundation, equipping him with analytical skills and legal acumen that paved the way for his initial success—securing an impressive All India Rank of 66 in CLAT 2017.

The Leap from CLAT to UPSC

Transitioning from the legal sphere to the versatile domain of civil services, Archit’s leap was monumental. The transition from law to administration, though challenging, was a path he traversed with the adaptable skills honed at CLAT Possible. It is a narrative that underscores the versatility of the education imparted at the institute and how it serves as a launchpad for various professional avenues.

A Glimpse into Archit's Dedication and Hard Work

Archit's journey is a narrative of unwavering commitment and industriousness. His days at CLAT Possible were marked by rigorous preparation, an unyielding will to excel, and a quest for knowledge that went beyond the confines of textbooks. This formidable combination of traits not only saw him through the rigors of CLAT but also paved his way to success in one of the most challenging examinations in the country—the UPSC.

CLAT Success: The Foundation

The CLAT is not merely an examination; it is a battleground where the finest minds compete. Archit's triumph in CLAT with an AIR of 66 was a reflection of the competitive spirit that CLAT Possible instills in its students—a spirit that carries them forward in all their endeavors.

Securing AIR 66 in CLAT 2017

Achieving AIR 66 in CLAT 2017 was a feat that established Archit as a formidable intellect among his peers. It was a milestone that reflected the quality of mentorship and the robust training regimen provided by CLAT Possible.

The CLAT Possible Advantage

At CLAT Possible, we pride ourselves on our ability to nurture and sculpt legal aspirants into future leaders. Archit’s success in CLAT is a testament to our specialized coaching methodologies, our commitment to personalized attention, and our unwavering belief in the potential of each student.

Archit's Reflections on CLAT Preparation

Looking back, Archit often highlights the significance of the analytical and logical reasoning skills garnered during his CLAT preparation days. These skills, he acknowledges, were not just instrumental in cracking CLAT but also served as an invaluable asset in his UPSC journey.

Strategizing for UPSC: The CLAT Possible Influence

Archit's tale is one of strategic pivoting, where the skill set acquired at CLAT Possible became the cornerstone for his UPSC preparation. It emphasizes how the institute’s training transcends the immediate goal of law admissions, offering a broader base for varied career prospects.

The Transferable Skills from CLAT to UPSC

The logical reasoning, critical thinking, and comprehensive understanding of socio-legal affairs fostered at CLAT Possible became the tools with which Archit navigated the vast UPSC syllabus. These transferable skills underscore the adaptability and foresight embedded in our coaching philosophy.

The Mentorship Impact

Mentorship at CLAT Possible is not confined to academic instruction; it is about building a mindset equipped for any challenge. The mentorship Archit received was instrumental in his UPSC strategy, shaping his approach to the complex layers of civil service examination.

Archit's Approach to UPSC Preparation

Archit’s approach to the UPSC was marked by an analytical framework developed during his CLAT preparations. His strategy included an emphasis on current affairs, policy analysis, and a deep dive into the intricate workings of the Indian legal and administrative systems, reflecting the comprehensive preparation ethos of CLAT Possible.

Archit Deva's UPSC Triumph

The UPSC exam is a test of not just knowledge, but endurance, adaptability, and persistence. Archit’s success in securing AIR 357 in the UPSC 2023 examination is a powerful illustration of his growth and the enduring impact of his foundational years at CLAT Possible.

Achieving AIR 357 in UPSC 2023

Attaining AIR 357 in a pantheon of India's brightest minds is a monumental accomplishment. For Archit, it was a dream realized, a goal achieved through years of hard work and a testament to the enduring value of his formative education at CLAT Possible.

The Role of CLAT Possible in Fostering a Competitive Spirit

CLAT Possible's role extends beyond academic preparation; it is about instilling a spirit of healthy competition and the pursuit of excellence. Archit’s achievement in UPSC reflects this spirit, a spirit that encourages our students to reach for the stars.

The Celebration of Success

We at CLAT Possible revel in Archit’s success, for it is not just his triumph, but a beacon for all our students, past and present, illuminating what is possible with the right guidance, perseverance, and the courage to dream big.

The Future Prospects for Archit Deva

Archit’s future is as bright as his past achievements. With his entry into the civil services, he is poised to embark on a journey of public service and nation-building. His story is not merely one of personal success but serves as an inspirational narrative for every student who walks through the doors of CLAT Possible.

How did CLAT Possible contribute to Archit Deva's UPSC preparation?

CLAT Possible played a pivotal role in laying a strong foundation for Archit’s academic endeavors. The institute's exhaustive training modules in logical reasoning, legal aptitude, and comprehensive reading skills not only primed him for CLAT but also furnished him with the analytical acumen and a disciplined study routine essential for cracking the UPSC exam. Moreover, the mentorship and the strategic approach to complex problem-solving learned at CLAT Possible remained with him throughout his UPSC preparation journey.

Can the analytical skills from CLAT preparation benefit UPSC aspirants?

Absolutely. The analytical skills honed during CLAT preparation, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and logical reasoning, are incredibly beneficial for UPSC aspirants. These skills are directly applicable to various aspects of the UPSC exam, particularly in the Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT), General Studies papers, and even in writing essays and facing the interview panel. CLAT Possible ensures that these skills are deeply ingrained in its students, aiding them in any future competitive exams they undertake.

What qualities are essential for success in both CLAT and UPSC exams?

The core qualities that stand out for success in both CLAT and UPSC are a disciplined study plan, keen analytical mind, thorough understanding of current affairs, excellent time management, and a persistent attitude towards learning and self-improvement. Resilience and adaptability also play significant roles, as both exams demand a long-term commitment and the ability to handle pressure with equanimity.

How does CLAT Possible prepare students for a range of competitive exams?

CLAT Possible's curriculum is designed not just for legal aptitude but for overall intellectual development. The study material, mock tests, and teaching methodology are structured to enhance critical thinking, general knowledge, and articulate expression. This broad-based educational approach ensures that students are well-prepared not only for the CLAT but for any analytical or knowledge-intensive exam, such as the UPSC.

What advice would Archit Deva give to current CLAT and UPSC aspirants?

Archit would likely advise current aspirants to remain dedicated, to consistently work on their weak points, and to maintain a balanced approach to studying. He would emphasize the importance of understanding concepts over rote learning, staying updated with current events, and regularly practicing mock tests under exam conditions. Additionally, he would recommend seeking mentorship and guidance from reputable institutions like CLAT Possible that have a proven track record of success.

Can you share a few success habits that Archit followed during his exam preparations?

During his preparations, Archit adhered to a strict but flexible study schedule that allowed for adequate breaks and recreation to maintain mental well-being. He engaged in active learning—constantly summarizing information, teaching concepts back to himself, and engaging in group discussions. He also regularly updated his knowledge base with current affairs, practiced past papers, and stayed physically active to ensure a healthy mind-body balance.


Archit Deva's story is a beacon of motivation for all aspirants, proving that with the right approach, guidance, and perseverance, success in India's most challenging examinations is within reach. CLAT Possible celebrates his achievements and remains dedicated to guiding students towards realizing their own dreams, in law and beyond.

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