CUET Coaching Industry: The New Boom in Education

By I Jun 18, 2024

The CUET coaching industry is experiencing a significant boom, with EdTech firms, UPSC centres, and tuition academies all jumping on board. This surge is driven by the increasing importance of the Common University Entrance Test (CUET) for admission to undergraduate programs in India.

Key Takeaways

  • CUET has become a crucial exam for undergraduate admissions in India.
  • The coaching industry is rapidly expanding to meet the demand for CUET preparation.
  • Both traditional coaching centres and EdTech platforms are capitalizing on this trend.

The Rise of CUET

Conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA), CUET is now the standardized exam recognized by nearly all universities in India. Since its inception, CUET has become the sole entry ticket for admission to most undergraduate programs across the country. This year, over 13 lakh candidates took the CUET (UG) in a hybrid format, covering nearly 58 lakh subject combinations.

The Coaching Boom

The rigorous nature of CUET has led to a proliferation of coaching institutes outside the traditional school system. These institutes are upgrading their syllabus, bolstering their teaching faculty, and building their niche to become market leaders in CUET coaching. For instance, Vidhi Judicial Academy focuses on teaching students the approach and tricks to tackle the exam, rather than just the syllabus.

Financial Commitment

Families are willing to invest significant amounts in CUET coaching. For example, one family spent over Rs 25,000 on coaching for four subjects, including a General Test course and domain subjects like Accountancy, Mathematics, and Economics. This financial commitment underscores the importance placed on securing a high CUET score for admission to prestigious universities.

EdTech Platforms Enter the Fray

EdTech platforms are also capitalizing on the CUET coaching market. Companies like Physics Wallah and EduGorilla are offering specialized curricula, mock tests, and personalized learning experiences. These platforms leverage advanced technologies such as AI and machine learning to provide customized study plans and real-time feedback, making learning more effective and tailored to individual needs.

Challenges and Opportunities

Despite the growing demand, the CUET coaching market is still in its early stages. Some coaching centres report lower intake numbers compared to their regular academic classes. However, industry experts believe that the market is bound to flourish. The coaching industry is also seen as being tilted towards privileged students, potentially disadvantaging those from marginalized communities and rural areas.

The Future of CUET Coaching

The CUET coaching industry is expected to expand further, with more students and parents recognizing the importance of specialized preparation for the exam. As the industry evolves, it will be crucial to ensure that the value of grade 12th board exams is not diluted and that the burgeoning culture of coaching institutes does not overshadow the broader educational experience.

In summary, the CUET coaching industry is on the rise, driven by the increasing importance of the exam for undergraduate admissions. Both traditional coaching centres and EdTech platforms are capitalizing on this trend, offering a range of services to help students succeed. However, challenges remain, particularly in ensuring equitable access to coaching for all students.