In-depth CLAT 2024 Question Paper Analysis by Dr. Surbhi Modi Sahai

By I Dec 03, 2023

CLAT 2024 Question Paper Analysis

The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) 2024 has been a topic of much discussion among law aspirants. Conducted by the CLAT Consortium offline without any reported glitches at exam centers, the exam presented a unique set of challenges and opportunities. In this blog, we bring you an exhaustive analysis of the CLAT 2024 question paper by renowned legal expert Dr. Surbhi Modi Sahai.

Exam Interface Overview

Mode of Conduct: Offline by CLAT Consortium

Exam Centers: Smooth execution with no reported glitches

Overall Analysis

Length: Average, allowing attempts between 106 - 117 questions

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Expected Cut-off: Comparable or higher than last year

Highlight: Current Affairs, notably easier, dominated the exam

Section-Wise Breakdown

1. English

Total Questions: 24

Good Score Range: 18-20

Question Types: Specific detail, central idea, meaning in context, inference, and RC-based questions

English - Topics Covered

Passages from literature including Anita Desai’s "Fire in The Mountain"

Justice-related topics and contemporary literature

2. Current Affairs

Total Questions: 28

Good Score Range: 18-21

Approach: Beyond rote learning, focusing on relevance

Highlights: Jallianwala Bagh Massacre, Basic Structure of the Constitution, Chandrayaan 3, Israel-Hamas conflict, G20

Current Affairs - Topic Evolution

Varied themes from Indian Defence to International Relations over the years

3. Quantitative Technique

Total Questions: 12

Question Types: Passage-based without visual data, one set easy, another calculative

Topics: Petrol, Diesel, Electric cars data, and working population analysis

Quantitative Ability - Topics Over Years

Consistent focus on percentage, profit & loss, and real-world applications

4. Logical Reasoning

Total Questions: 24

Good Score Range: 17-18 for top 3

Nature: Short passages, tricky inference-based questions

Topics: From consultancy to AI development

5. Legal Reasoning

Total Questions: 30

Ideal Score: 25+, relatively easy section

Topics: Ranging from constitutional aspects to current legal issues like online defamation and intermediary liability

Expected Cut-offs

Overall: 72 - 94 for top 10; 92-94 for top 3 in general category


Was the CLAT 2024 tougher than previous years?

Moderately challenging, with a focus on current affairs and logical reasoning.

What was the highlight of CLAT 2024?

The Current Affairs section, known for its relevance and easier approach.

How were the quantitative questions structured?

Passage-based, with a mix of easy and calculative sets.

Any tips for future aspirants based on this analysis?

Focus on understanding concepts over rote learning, especially in current affairs and logical reasoning.


Dr. Surbhi Modi Sahai's analysis of the CLAT 2024 question paper provides valuable insights for aspirants. The paper's moderate difficulty level and the emphasis on current affairs and logical reasoning highlight the evolving nature of this competitive exam. Aspiring law students should take note of these trends to better prepare for future exams.