Master the CLAT 2024 Reading Comprehension: Techniques, Tips & Common Mistakes

By I Oct 31, 2023

Master the CLAT 2024

The landscape of competitive exams is ever-evolving, and the Consortium of NLUs' announcement about CLAT 2024 stands testament to this fact. With comprehension-based questions seeping into every section of the test, it's time for aspirants to shift gears and hone their reading skills. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into why reading comprehension is crucial, effective techniques to enhance this skill, and the pitfalls to avoid.

The Rise of Reading Comprehension in CLAT 2024

The revamped CLAT format for 2024 has interwoven comprehension-based questions into all its sections. This change underscores the significance of reading and understanding complex texts swiftly and accurately.

Why is this shift important?

The art of reading comprehension not only helps in its dedicated section but also lays the foundation for tackling questions in other areas. By mastering this art, aspirants can decode, understand, and respond to diverse questions with more clarity and confidence.

Inside the CLAT Reading Comprehension Section

Volume and Weightage: The total number of questions has been scaled down to 120 from the earlier 150. The reading comprehension section now carries approximately 22-26 questions, making it roughly 20% of the entire paper.

Scoring Pattern: Each correct answer adds one mark to your score, while each mistake deducts 0.25 marks.

Nature of Passages: Expect passages around 450 words, extracted from both contemporary and historically significant pieces. These would be calibrated for a 12th-grade student to read within 5-7 minutes.

Skills Tested: Post each passage, questions will assess your:

Grasp over the main idea and arguments presented.

Ability to make informed assumptions.

Proficiency in summarizing.

Capacity to evaluate and juxtapose various viewpoints.

Command over terminologies within the context of the passage.

Techniques to Ace CLAT Reading Comprehension

Break it Down: Given the intricate nature of CLAT passages, divide them into smaller sections and summarize each. Understand the overarching theme without bringing in prior knowledge.

Stick to the Passage's Scope: Base your answers strictly on the passage's content. Avoid generalizations or external knowledge.

Be an Engaged Reader: Probe into the author's intention. Understand the core message rather than skimming the surface.

Decipher the Author’s Perspective: Distinguish between facts, the author’s opinion, and third-party views.

Option Elimination Strategy: Given the closely related options, methodically eliminate those that are irrelevant, vague, or contradictory to the passage's content.

Optimize Reading Speed: Speed is essential, but not at the expense of comprehension. Prioritize the beginning and conclusion of passages for key insights.

Cultivate a Reading Habit: Consistent reading boosts comprehension abilities. Diversify your reading sources, from newspapers to novels.

Expand Your Vocabulary: Build a robust vocabulary. Understand unfamiliar terms within the context.

Common Pitfalls to Steer Clear of

Overthinking: Stick to the passage's content without letting personal biases seep in.

Regression: Re-reading consumes time. Enhance focus to grasp content in the first go.

Monotony in Reading: Diverse reading material sharpens adaptability to different writing styles.

Partial Question Reading: Ensure you read questions and options in their entirety.

Misplaced Emphasis on Speed: While time is essential, comprehension is paramount.

Panic Mode: Stay calm, especially when faced with unfamiliar terms or concepts.


How has CLAT 2024 changed from previous years?

The major change is the introduction of comprehension-based questions across all sections.

Is there negative marking in CLAT?

Yes, for every incorrect answer, 0.25 marks are deducted.

How can I practice CLAT reading comprehension questions?

Aspiring candidates can practice on our online learning portal .


Reading comprehension is a keystone skill for CLAT 2024. A structured approach, regular practice, and awareness of potential pitfalls can propel any aspirant to success. With the evolving format of CLAT, now is the moment to sharpen your comprehension abilities and set yourself apart.

Let's conquer CLAT 2024 together!

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