Possess the Power to Make a Difference with a Career in Law in India

By I Aug 26, 2023

law career in india

Pursuing law is not just a lucrative career choice but a life-changing experience. A career in law in India brings out excellent leaders and passionate individuals to the world. It is a rewarding experience in terms of financial advantages and a sense of fulfilment in helping the citizens of society.

The first step in starting a law career in India is to pursue a program like LLB or BBA LLB after the 12th. After completing the program, you can either start practising law or join a legal firm. Another option is to enrol in a master's course like LLM in one of the top law schools in India to advance knowledge and acquire requisite career skills.

Moreover, a Law career in India does not necessarily mean representing clients in courts or tribunals; it has a wider scope. Apart from offering advice to government organisations, businesses and individuals on legal disputes and issues, Law graduates can also work as Judges, Litigators, Analysts, Consultants, etc.

A Career in Law in India - Major Roles & Sectors

Here are some of the major roles or sectors you can work in for a successful law career in India:

  1. Corporate Lawyer Various law firms tend to expand their geographical reach to gain more areas for more clients with the help of a corporate lawyer. Along with small firms, there are also big firms that deal with acquisitions, corporate sectors, finance, competition, tax, banking, etc.
  2. Litigator This profile will make you appear in court every single day. Your earnings will start on the very first day. Your work is to assist, draft, type, converse and even much more.
  3. Banking & Insurance Sector Banks and Insurance organisations tend to have their own independent legal departments. So the very initial recognition you may achieve in this industry is Administrative Officer (Law) or Specialist Officer (Law).
  4. Public Prosecutor These professionals are the advocates appointed by the Government to incorporate the state in criminal matters. State public service commissions conduct examinations for appointing such prosecutors.
  5. Investigation Agencies Be it CBI, ED, FBI, or state investigation agencies, lawyers are always in great demand to work in such known investigative agencies. These professionals are usually recruited through competitive exams or rigorous selection procedures and inter-service transfers also.
  6. Litigation Support Professional These professionals design and contrivance databases to classify, regulate, register, and conclude large volumes of data produced daily. Such professionals are in huge demand because of the integration of technology into legal services.
  7. Legal Academia You can work as a professor on a contractual basis in an educational institution. However, to get into Legal Academia, you need to obtain your LLM degree first.

However, attaining a rewarding law career in India requires you to be in a reputed law university. And striving to enter into reputed colleges, aspirants need to score good marks in the prestigious law entrance exams like CLAT. Therefore, students are advised to prepare well for the entrance exam to crack the exam and make it to one of the top law universities to achieve their goals.

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Moreover, appearing for CLAT is a good first step towards a lucrative career in law in India. Students can appear for the exam right after their Class 12th to secure admission to a law course. Once you graduate with a Law degree, enormous avenues open up. Therefore, preparing well for the law entrance exam is vital to achieving a lucrative career. Hence, Clat Possible is your one-stop solution to conquer the most potent career!