Unlocking Success in CLAT 2024: Exclusive Topper Tips and Insights

By I Dec 16, 2023

Success in CLAT 2024 Introduction

As the legal field continues to attract thousands of aspirants in India, cracking the CLAT becomes more challenging. In 2024, with 60,000 candidates vying for spots in 26 prestigious NLUs, the competition is indeed fierce. However, CLAT topper Shreyas Pandey's strategies for the 2025 exam offer invaluable insights. Here, we distill his approach into seven key pillars, providing a blueprint to ace CLAT 2024.

1. Early Start to CLAT Preparation

The Importance of an Early Start: Starting early is a cornerstone of success for CLAT aspirants. Many toppers, including Shreyas, began their journey in Class 11. An early start affords ample time to understand the concepts thoroughly and strengthens areas of weakness.

2. Strengthening Conceptual Understanding

Building a Strong Foundation: Before diving into intense practice, focusing on conceptual strength is vital. Investing time in understanding the basics of legal aptitude, logical reasoning, and numeracy sets the stage for effective problem-solving later.

3. Enhancing Speed and Accuracy

Perfecting Test-Taking Skills: After mastering the concepts, the focus shifts to applying this knowledge under timed conditions. Regular mock tests and timed practice sessions are crucial for balancing speed, accuracy, and difficulty.

4. Focusing on Reading and Comprehension

Critical Skills for CLAT: Many underestimate the importance of reading comprehension in CLAT. Regular reading of editorial sections from leading newspapers and law-focused blogs can significantly enhance these skills.

5. The Role of Coaching Centers

Learning from the Experts: While self-study is beneficial, coaching centers provide structured learning and access to experienced mentors. They offer both offline and online programs tailored to individual needs.

6. Recommended Study Materials

Topper-Approved Resources: A well-curated list of study materials is a game-changer. Shreyas recommends specific books for logical reasoning, mathematics, GK, legal aptitude, and English to streamline preparation.

7. Practice Through Mock Tests

Simulating Exam Conditions: One of the most emphasized tips is the rigorous practice of 50-100 mock tests. This not only familiarizes candidates with the exam pattern but also hones time management skills.


Embarking on Your CLAT Journey: With these strategies, you're well-equipped to embark on your journey towards acing CLAT 2024. Remember, perseverance and a well-planned approach are your best allies in this competitive arena.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When should I start preparing for CLAT 2024?

Early preparation, preferably from Class 11, is ideal for a thorough understanding and ample practice.

How can I improve my reading speed and comprehension for CLAT?

Regular reading of editorials and legal blogs, along with consistent practice, enhances these skills.

Are coaching centers necessary for CLAT preparation?

While not mandatory, coaching centers provide structured guidance and mentorship, which can be very beneficial.

What are some recommended books for CLAT preparation?

Topper-recommended books include 'Analytical Reasoning' by M.K. Pandey, 'Quantitative Aptitude' by R.S. Aggarwal, and others.

How many mock tests should I attempt for effective CLAT preparation?

Attempting 50-100 mock tests is advised for comprehensive practice and time management. For more informative blogs on CLAT preparation, Click Here!