Unveiling the CLAT 2024 Answer Key – Insights and Analysis

By I Dec 03, 2023

CLAT 2024 Answer Key

The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) 2024 has recently concluded, and aspirants across the country are eagerly awaiting the results. This year's CLAT was notably different, not only in its pattern but also in its difficulty level compared to the previous year. In this blog, we delve into the nuances of the CLAT 2024, emphasizing the "CLAT 2024 Answer Key," which is crucial for candidates to assess their performance.


CLAT 2024: A Comparative Analysis

Contrary to the challenging precedent set by last year's exam, CLAT 2024 was relatively more approachable. This change can be attributed to the exam pattern's revision, which seemed to favor the test-takers. One of the most striking features of this year's CLAT was the General Knowledge section. It predominantly covered current affairs, with significant emphasis on recent global events like the G-20 Summit and developments in Palestine. Such topicality not only made the section more engaging but also more scoring for well-prepared candidates.

CLAT 2024 Question Paper

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Decoding the Answer Key

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The answer key for CLAT 2024 is a vital tool for aspirants. It not only helps in estimating scores but also provides insights into the exam's question pattern and topic weightage. We have included the answer key in the section above for your reference.

FAQs on CLAT 2024 Answer Key

Will there be a revised answer key post-challenges?

Yes, the authorities will review the challenges and release a final answer key before the declaration of results.

How can I calculate my score using the CLAT 2024 Answer Key?

For every correct answer, add 1 mark, and for every incorrect answer, deduct 0.25 marks. Total your score accordingly.

Optimizing for CLAT 2024 Success

While the "CLAT 2024 Answer Key" is a great tool to gauge your performance, it's crucial to remember that the journey doesn't end here. Whether you're satisfied with your estimated score or not, this is a learning opportunity to better prepare for your legal career ahead.


The CLAT 2024, with its revised pattern and easier difficulty level, has been a refreshing change for many aspirants. The inclusion of recent and relevant GK topics has made the paper more contemporary and relevant. As we await the official results, we encourage candidates to use the CLAT 2024 Answer Key to assess their performance and prepare for the next steps in their legal journey.

Stay tuned to our blog for more updates and expert insights on CLAT and other law entrance exams. Remember, every exam is a stepping stone towards your goal. Keep learning, and keep growing!