Afford to Take the CLAT Exam with Affordable Clat Possible Fees

CLAT is a national-level entrance exam conducted for admission into various law programmes offered by participating law institutes across India. Aspiring law students are required to clear this exam to secure a spot in the most prestigious law institutes. However, along with the rigorous preparation aspirants are required to crack the exam, there are some other major concerns that may trouble many students and their families, like selecting a coaching institute and expenses associated with the preparation.

One such institute is Clat Possible, which provides students with top-notch preparation materials, techniques and resources. Along with the high-quality material and preparations, Clat Possible fees are also affordable.

It is critical for individuals to be aware of the Clat Possible fees. So This article aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the Clat Possible fees for different facilities offered.

By the end of this article, readers will also have an idea of the various expenses for the CLAT exam, allowing them to plan their finances better and about the Clat Possible syllabus 2024, exam pattern, and CLAT question paper.

How is the CLAT Exam Pattern Curated?

CLAT is a computer-based entrance exam that is designed to evaluate an applicant’s aptitude for legal education. The CLAT exam pattern assesses a candidate’s skills and knowledge in several areas relevant to legal education, including reasoning, language, and analytical abilities. Here is how the CLAT exam is designed and what it includes:


  1. The exam incorporates multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and is a two-hour duration exam.
  2. The CLAT exam includes five sections, Current Affairs, General Knowledge, English Language, Logical Reasoning, Legal Reasoning, and Quantitative Techniques.
  3. Each section has 40 questions, and each question is of one mark. Therefore, the total no.of questions is 200, and the maximum mark for the exam is 200.
  4. The marking scheme for the exam is done such that one mark is awarded for every answer that is correct, while there is a 0.25 mark as a negative marking for every wrong answer. However, there is no deduction of marks for unanswered questions.


Moreover, It is vital for candidates to be comfortable and familiar with the exam pattern and syllabus to prepare constructively for the CLAT exam. You can also go through the Clat Possible syllabus 2024 for the exam, LAT previous year CLAT question paper PDF and CLAT preparation books 2023 to start an unmatched preparation. You can also explore the affordable Clat Possible Fee for various preparation study materials and resources so that you can plan which study material to buy and prepare as soon as possible!

An Affordable Price of Pursuing a Legal Career at Clat Possible

Clat Possible is a well-known coaching institute for various law entrance exams, like CLAT, AILET, and others. The institute has a team of experienced faculty members who possess a comprehensive knowledge of the legal area and are dedicated to assisting students in achieving their goals. Some features that distinguish Clat Possible among law coachings are:

  • Best Quality Study Material: Clat Possible offers comprehensive study material that encompasses all the relevant topics and concepts needed for law entrance exams.
  • All-Round and Frequent Testing: The coaching institute conducts regular mock tests, including all-India mock tests, to assist individuals in assessing their preparation and identify areas that need to be improved. 
  • Hybrid Preparation Method: It provides both offline classroom classes and online classes to cater to the diverse requirements of students.
  • Online CLAT Crash Course: Along with traditional courses, Clat Possible also offers crash courses. Here are some of the possible crash courses that individuals can enrol in to prepare for the exam:
  1. Online crash courses
  2. Classroom crash courses 
  3. Weekend crash courses 
  4. Customized crash courses 


Clat Possible also offers crash courses like BOLT – PLUS and BOLT – ONLINE. And Clat Possible fees for these online crash courses are 40,000/- and 30,000/- respectively.

Along with the crash courses, the institute also offers result-oriented classroom programmes like:

  1. Breeze: 1-year classroom program
  2. Breeze Weekend: 1-year weekend program
  3. Zephyr: 2-year classroom program

However, it is vital to have a look at Clat Possible fees before making any decision on these courses.


To Summarize

CLAT opens doors to a world of opportunities for law aspirants, with a broader range of law exam preparation courses available across India. From traditional law programmes to specialized programmes, the options are endless. By choosing the right course and institution like Clat Possible, individuals can chart a promising career in the legal field. So choose wisely and make the most out of the CLAT opportunities!

Step Up Your Legal Career with the Right CLAT Coaching

The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is the entrance test conducted at the national level for admissions to law courses at 24 National Law Universities (NLUs) out of 25. NLU Delhi accepts AILET scores for admissions in law courses. Apart from government law colleges, many private law colleges also accept CLAT scores as a medium of offering admissions to the aspirants.

Since the number of aspirants for law exams is increasing daily, the level of the CLAT exam is also rising. For that matter, CLAT is ranked one of the ten toughest exams in India. Considering the competition level, students take CLAT training to streamline their preparations.


Right Direction and Guidance for Students

CLAT coaching provides the necessary guidance to students with the help of highly experienced and educated teachers, mock tests, study materials and doubt sessions. While preparing, students need individual attention; coaching provides that individual attention with doubt classes. In addition, the experienced faculty provides meaningful and correct guidance in the right direction.

Reputed law entrance coaching have many distinct features and curricula by which students regularly attend classes and get the upper hand during the preparations. All coaching institutes considered to be the ‘best CLAT coaching in Delhi’ have the following curriculum:

  • Deep and Revised Study Material: CLAT  institutes offer students thorough learning materials that cover all the topics which are parts of the CLAT exam. This makes students thoroughly understand the exam pattern.
  • Experienced and Qualified Faculty: The faculties with in-depth knowledge of the exam facilitate students with the knowledge and the tricks used in the exam.
  • Practice Tests:  By sitting for regular tests, the candidates get the exam pattern and type of question knowledge and become confident and prepared while giving the actual exam.
  • Personalised Attention: The faculties provide consistent, personalised attention for aspirants stuck anywhere amid the preparations.
  • Regular Doubt Sessions: The best outcome of CLAT institutes is that consistent doubt sessions help students solve all their doubts that hamper their preparations. These doubt sessions smoothen their preparations.

When it comes to preparations, aspirants from all over India come to the national capital, as there is a hub of coaching institutes. But for a sure-shot selection in the law college, enrolling only on the best CLAT coaching in Delhi is imperative. One such institute is Clat Possible.


Assure Your CLAT Selection with Clat Possible

Clat Possible is a leading law coaching institute, with its main branch located at Connaught Place. It has given more than-expected results in the past five years. Students have performed with flying colours, and all have been selected for India’s most esteemed law colleges.

With its highly experienced faculty, updated study materials, unique teaching methodologies, regular updates to parents, doubt classes and individual attention, Clat Possible stands as the best institute for law entrance exams. It has shown remarkable results in the last decade and endeavours to provide an even better result rate to all aspiring students.

Candidates preparing for law exams, especially CLAT, often ask, ‘Can I crack CLAT without coaching?’ All aspiring students must know that every candidate is different, and every candidate’s requirements and study pattern are different. Not one solution benefits all. It depends on the individual if they need external guidance.


Who Needs CLAT Coaching?

If any candidate thinks they do not need any guidance from experts and can crack the exam by their dedication, they need not opt for any outer help. But those who think that they need experts to support them at various stages of their preparation, who can make the concepts which are asked in the exam easily understandable for them and solve their doubts so that their preparation becomes easier and they get admission in one of the best law colleges, they must go for CLAT training.

The CLAT course is of various types, from crash courses online to regular programs. Therefore, the CLAT coaching fees range from 30,000 to 1,35,000 depending upon the type of the course one opts for.


Empower Your Legal Career

CLAT is a national-level law entrance exam. It is one of the toughest entrance exams in India. As the competition for CLAT entrance is increasing day-by-day, specialised law preparation is required by candidates. CLAT coaching provides optimum guidance for the successful performance of students. Clat Possible has a remarkable result rate in CLAT training. So book your seat and take guaranteed admission to your desired law college.

Target CLAT with Top-rated Online CLAT Crash Courses in India

Students seeking to be legal professionals know how significant cracking CLAT is as it is a prosperous gateway to the top-ranked Indian law universities. Law aspirants often prepare for CLAT two to three years before they appear for the examination to be ready to face the competition. However, preparation for even such long durations does not guarantee success in CLAT because CLAT exam preparation depends on strategy rather than mugging up academic stuff for years.

For students doubting the authenticity of a CLAT crash course and its success, they must know that in law entrance exams, not the duration but the strategy adopted is what matters, and Law Entrance coaching centres are instrumental in acquiring strategies that are bound to pay off. Additionally, the primary part of a crash course for CLAT is guiding students and learning about their strengths and weaknesses regarding the several sections and subjects of CLAT.


Advantages of Enrolling in an Online Crash Course for CLAT

Crash courses are a boon to every CLAT aspirant as they can assist you in many ways to achieve your goal. Here are some significant benefits of enrolling in one of the top crash courses for CLAT:

  • Quick Revision
  • Crash courses can give closure to your long-duration exam preparation. It doesn’t matter what your mode of preparation is, be it coaching or self-studies; crash courses act as a final touch to all your efforts. It provides you with the final overview of your preparation and assists you in covering the gap. Besides, it will boost your confidence and provide insight into where you stand.

  • Save Your Time 
  • Enrolling in an online crash course for CLAT is always advised as these courses are prepared by experts and cover several points, including lectures, doubt-resolving sessions, practice tests, and assignments. An online crash course for CLAT will give you a better experience and numerous options to study in the comfort of your home, thus saving you time.

  • Comprehensive Approach
  • The crash courses prepared for CLAT cover the entire syllabus, which makes it comprehensive and seamless to follow. This way, students easily cover the entire syllabus quickly and effectively when it comes to last-moment preparation.

  • Practice Tests
  • The more CLAT mock tests you solve, the more you brush up on your knowledge and skills. The approach for every entrance exam is different and demands an extra level of preparation. Practice tests provided with the crash course gives you rich exposure to the students with the latest exam pattern and question types. Therefore, it is a good way to assess your skills and enhance your preparation.


What is Unique About Clat Possible Crash Course for CLAT?

Education offered by Clat Possible is your one-stop solution to all entrance exam-related concerns. Clat Possible, the best coaching for law entrance exams, includes well-qualified staff, exceptional infrastructure, and effective learning resources that are an ideal combination for students to succeed. Clat Possible has transformed into India’s most successful venture at mentoring students for the dedicated corridors of National Law Schools today.

With appreciation from top Law schools, Clat Possible hit the road like there is no end. Moreover, Clat Possible offers premium crash courses for students to prepare well for the CLAT entrance exam. Here are some program benefits of the crash courses offered by Clat Possible:

  • Ease of Access: You can access the program anywhere, anytime, in just a few clicks.
  • Personal Attention: The BOLT online program will give you personal attention with doubt sessions.
  • Affordable: The same quality of education at a lesser price. Clat Possible crash course fees are comparatively lower than other institutes.
  • Access to Finest Mentors: The program is personally designed by the founders and mentored by uber trainers of Clat Possible.


Support Your Law Preparation with India’s Leading Online CLAT Crash Course

Online CLAT crash course is an acronym for an introductory course with unique features compared to regular courses. Numerous aspirants enrol in crash courses yearly to escalate their chances of cracking CLAT and other law entrance exams. If you want to significantly enhance your preparation for the CLAT exam, enrol in a crash course from a top-rated institute like Clat Possible.

Ace Your CLAT Exam with Online CLAT Crash Course

Students aspiring to become legal professionals know how significant cracking CLAT is as the examination is a gateway to the top-ranked Indian law institutions. CLAT is a highly competitive exam, and preparing for it can be a challenging task. That’s where a CLAT crash course can help law aspirants. 

A crash course for CLAT is an intensive, short-term course designed to help students prepare well for the CLAT exam in a limited amount of time. It is an ideal solution for the ones who may not have had the opportunity to start preparing for the exam earlier or those who want to enhance their skills just before the exam.

This article gives you a closer look at crash courses for CLAT, how they work, and what you can expect from them. We will explore some benefits of the crash course and how it helps you make the most of your preparation time.

How Can An Online CLAT Crash Course Benefit You?

No matter how well-prepared you are for your CLAT exam, crash courses are a blessing to every CLAT aspirant as they can assist you in several ways to achieve your goal.

Quick Revision

Crash courses can help you get closure to your long CLAT preparation. Be it self-studies or coaching, crash courses give you the final overview of your preparation and assist you in covering the gap. Besides this, crash courses boost your confidence and let you know where you stand.

Save Your Time 

The online crash courses for CLAT are curated by expert faculties and incorporate various points, including practice tests, lectures, doubt-resolving sessions and assignments. The online crash course gives a better experience and numerous options to study in the comfort of your home and save time.

Comprehensive Approach

The CLAT online classes cover the entire syllabus, which makes it all-inclusive and easy to follow. The online CLAT courses help you easily cover the entire syllabus in a very short time and in a very productive way when it comes to last-moment preparation.

Practice Tests

The approach for every exam is different and demands a different level of preparation. Practice tests incorporated in online CLAT classes give rich exposure to the aspirants with different question types and the latest exam pattern. Therefore, online crash courses are a good way to assess your skills and enhance your preparation.

Access to Mock Tests

The online CLAT crash course provides you with numerous mock test series and previous year CLAT question papers. Attempting the mock tests and sectional tests will assist you to get the hang of the exam. Additionally, it helps you to understand the exam pattern and pursue the CLAT exam confidently.

Get Ready for a Successful Law Career with Crash Courses at Clat Possible

Education at Clat Possible is a one-stop solution for all the aspirants acing the CLAT entrance exam. Clat Possible offers the best online CLAT crash course for law entrance exams. The well-qualified staff, exceptional environment, and effective learning resources are an ideal combination for students to succeed. Clat Possible has transformed into India’s most successful coaching for mentoring individuals for the dedicated corridors of National Law Schools today. 

With appreciation from top Law schools, Clat Possible strikes the road like there is no end. Moreover, Clat Possible imparts top-notch crash courses for aspirants to prepare well for the CLAT entrance exam. Here are some significant benefits of the crash courses offered by Clat Possible:

  • Ease of Access: You can access the programme anywhere, anytime, in just a few clicks.
  • Personal Attention: The online BOLT programme gives students personal attention with doubt sessions.
  • Affordable: The same quality of education at an affordable price. Clat Possible crash course fees are comparatively lower than other coaching institutes.
  • Access to Finest Mentors: Personally curated by the founders, the programme is mentored by uber Clat Possible trainers.

To Sum Up

Online crash courses for CLAT offer an exceptional opportunity for law aspirants preparing to crack the CLAT entrance exam. With easy accessibility, affordability, personalised attention, and the guidance of eminent mentors, these courses are perfect for your success in your legal career. So why wait? Enrol now to Clat Possible and become a legal eagle!

Chart Your Course to Get Into Top Law Schools in India

Aspiring to be a lawyer, preparing for CLAT but don’t know the best law schools ranking in India yet? 

India has a vibrant legal system with many prestigious law schools that provide top-notch legal education. Here are some of the top law schools in India:

  • National Law School of India University (NLSIU), Bangalore: NLSIU is widely regarded as India’s top law school and is consistently ranked first in India by various ranking agencies. It was the first national law school to be established in India and has produced many of the country’s leading legal scholars and practitioners.
  • NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad: NALSAR is one of the premier law schools in India and is known for its strong faculty and vibrant campus life. It was established in 1998 and has since become one of India’s top destinations for legal education.
  • National Law University (NLU), Delhi: NLU Delhi is a relatively new law school established in 2008. However, it has quickly gained a reputation as one of India’s top law schools. It is known for its rigorous academic programme and emphasis on research and innovation.
  • National Law University (NLU), Jodhpur: NLU Jodhpur is one of India’s oldest and most prestigious law schools. It is known for its strong faculty, excellent facilities, and commitment to providing a well-rounded legal education.
  • National Law Institute University (NLIU), Bhopal: NLIU Bhopal is another top law school in India known for its strong faculty and academic programme. It was established in 1997 and has since become one of the leading destinations for legal education in India.
  • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur: Rajiv Gandhi School of Intellectual Property Law: This unique law school focuses exclusively on intellectual property law. It is affiliated with IIT Kharagpur, one of India’s top engineering schools, and provides a rigorous and interdisciplinary legal education.

Overall, India has many excellent CLAT-ranking colleges, each with its strengths and areas of expertise. As a result, students looking to pursue a legal education in India have a wide range of options, depending on their interests and career goals.

Different Law Careers in India

There are various law careers that one can pursue, depending on their interests and skills. Here are some examples:

  • Attorney: An attorney is a licensed professional representing clients in legal matters. They may work in various fields, such as corporate law, criminal law, immigration law, and family law.
  • Judge: A judge presides over court proceedings and makes decisions based on the facts presented and the applicable law. They can work in various courts, such as federal, state, or local.
  • Legal Analyst: A legal analyst researches and analyses legal issues for clients or organisations and works in government agencies, law firms, or corporations.
  • Law Professor: A law professor teaches law courses at universities or law schools. They may also conduct legal research and publish scholarly articles.
  • Legal Consultant:  Specialise in areas such as intellectual property, tax law, or employment law and become a legal consultant & provide legal advice and guidance to individuals or organisations. 
  • Legal Aid Attorney: You can work for the upliftment of the poor by becoming a legal aid attorney, as this profession will allow you to provide legal services to low-income individuals or those who cannot afford legal representation.
  • Mediator: A mediator is a neutral third party who helps resolve disputes between parties without going to court. They may work in various settings, such as community mediation centres, government agencies, or private practice.

These are just a few examples of law careers. There are many other career paths in the legal field, and individuals can specialise in various areas depending on their interests and expertise.

How Will Clat Possible Put You on the Path to Top Law Schools in India?

Though no law coaching can be 100% effective in making students clear the CLAT exam, some coaching will increase your chances manifold. And Clat Possible is one such institute!

The following are some ways in which Clat Possible may help students achieve their goals:

  • Comprehensive Study Material: Clat Possible specialises in law entrance exams, especially CLAT, and provides students with the study material that is comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date. 
  • Subject Matter Expertise: The faculty at Clat Possible have years of experience teaching law aspirants and can guide students in the right direction. The mentors are knowledgeable, approachable, and always ready to clear the doubts & queries of the students.
  • Well-structured Courses: Clat Possible caters to all kinds of students and hence offers traditional classroom programmes, online courses, correspondence courses, CLAT crash courses & more. You can pick the one most convenient and suitable to your preparation level.
  • Rigorous Practice Sessions: Mock tests are an important part of the preparation process for any entrance exam, including law entrance exams. Clat Possible provides its students with a series of mock tests that simulate the actual exam and give students a chance to practise and improve their speed and accuracy.
  • One-on-one Mentoring: Every student has their strengths and weaknesses. Clat Possible identifies each student’s strengths and weaknesses and provides personalised attention to help them. 
  • Disciplined Preparation & Motivation Boost: Preparing for law entrance exams can be stressful and challenging. Clat Possible keeps students motivated, focused, disciplined, and on track to achieve their goals.
  • Excellent Past Results: Clat Possible has been in existence for the last 10 years and has a track record of placing 5000 students in top law schools and providing excellent results in the entrance exams.


Hence, Clat Possible can make your NLU dreams possible by providing students with the necessary resources and guidance. However, it is up to the students to work hard, be disciplined, and take advantage of the opportunities provided by the coaching institute.


So, don’t waste any more time, and move closer to getting a seat at top law schools in India with Clat Possible!

Maximise Your Potential With the Best Law Entrance Coaching

If you are a law aspirant in India, you must be familiar with CLAT – the most popular law entrance test. Of course, there are other law entrances, like AILET, LSAT, etc. But then, why the craze behind CLAT?

The following are some of the benefits of giving the CLAT exam, which will throw light as to why this is the most preferred law entrance exam:

  • Admission to Top Law Colleges: The CLAT exam is the gateway to some of the top law colleges in India. Successful candidates can secure admission into various undergraduate and postgraduate law programmes offered by NLUs and other participating institutions in India.
  • Rewarding Career Opportunities: After completing a law degree from a top law college, one can explore various career opportunities in the legal profession, such as litigation, corporate law, civil services, academics, and more.
  • Recognition: CLAT is a well-recognized and respected entrance exam in law, and clearing this exam can provide candidates with a sense of achievement and recognition.
  • Scholarships: Several NLUs offer scholarships to deserving students based on their CLAT scores, which can help them pursue their law education without financial constraints.

Top 6 Reasons to Join Law Entrance Coaching

There are several reasons why someone may choose to join a CLAT coaching programme. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • Better Understanding of the Exam: CLAT is a highly competitive exam that requires a thorough understanding of the syllabus and exam pattern. Joining a coaching programme can help students better understand the exam and its various components.
  • Learning Time Management Skills: CLAT is a 2-hour exam with 200 MCQs to solve. Therefore, candidates need to manage their time effectively to attempt all the questions. Coaching programmes can help students develop time management skills and strategies to attempt the exam efficiently.
  • Access to Structured Study Resources: Coaching programmes provide access to a wide range of study materials, such as books, notes, and online resources. This can be helpful for students who may need access to these resources.
  • Customised Study Plans: Law coachings also provide personalised attention and study plans to students, which can help them identify their strengths and weaknesses and work on them accordingly.
  • Mock Tests and Practice Sessions: Coaching programmes often provide mock tests and practice sessions, which can help students prepare for the exam. 
  • Develops Self-discipline: These coachings provide motivation and support to students and put them into a routine that enhances their productivity. This can help students stay focused and motivated toward their goal of cracking the CLAT exam.

Overall, joining a coaching programme can benefit students who are serious about cracking the CLAT exam and need guidance and support to prepare effectively.

What Makes Clat Possible the Best Law Entrance Coaching?

Clat Possible is a well-known coaching centre that provides comprehensive coaching for various law entrance exams, including CLAT, AILET, and others. It has a team of experienced faculty members who have in-depth knowledge of the legal field and are dedicated to helping students achieve their goals.

Some of the features that make Clat Possible a popular choice among law aspirants are:

  • Best Quality Study Material: Clat Possible provides comprehensive study material that covers all the relevant topics and concepts required for law entrance exams. Subject matter experts design the study material, and are regularly updated to keep up with the changing exam patterns.

The following three are the new pattern workbook set of Clat Possible:

  • New Pattern Workbook + GK Magazine 
  • GK Perfect Book 
  • Previous Year Legal Questions
  • All Round and Frequent Testing: Clat Possible conducts regular mock tests, including all-India mock tests, to help students assess their preparation level and identify areas that require improvement. The coaching centre also provides detailed performance analysis and feedback to help students improve their scores.
  • One-on-one Mentoring: Clat Possible has a small batch size to ensure that each student receives personalised attention and guidance from the faculty members. The faculty members are approachable and are always ready to clarify doubts and provide additional support.
  • Hybrid Preparation Method: It offers both offline classroom classes and CLAT online classes to cater to the diverse needs of students. The coaching centre has a user-friendly online platform that provides access to study material, mock tests, and other resources.
  • Law Entrance Online Classes: Clat Possible has aligned itself with the changing needs of the students and the education sector. You can now prepare with Clat Possible sitting in the comfort of your home with the following CLAT online classes:
  • Zephyr Online This course is best designed for class 11th students and includes 336 hours of instructor-led teaching.
  • Breeze Regular Online It is ideal for 12th pass-out students and includes 5 days a week classes.   
  • Breeze Weekend Online This course will best suit students in class 12th. There will be classes 2 days a week, which will allow the students to manage both their school studies and exam preparation effectively.
  • Online CLAT Crash Course: This is a coaching institute that caters to the needs of all students as along with traditional courses, it also offers crash courses for CLAT. The following are two of these:
  • BOLT – Plus
  • BOLT – Online 
  • Proven Track Record: Clat Possible has a proven track record of success, with 5000 selections for leading institutes in the last 10 years. It has a dedicated team of professionals who work tirelessly to help students achieve their goals.

Therefore, Clat Possible is a reputed law entrance coaching institute that provides comprehensive coaching for law entrance exams. It doesn’t matter whether you are a class 11th student, or 12th student, or someone who has taken a drop year. Clat Possible has result-oriented programmes for everyone.

So, enrol for CLAT preparation at Clat Possible and move one step closer to clearing the exam!

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