Build a Winning Exam Strategy with Premium CLAT Mock Test Series

CLAT is a highly competitive exam that requires you to be on your toes throughout your preparation. One must have solid preparation in order to ace this renowned law entrance exam. And CLAT mock tests are the best preparation materials. Mock tests are a copy of the actual exam that puts you in a similar environment which you will be in during the actual exam.

There are various benefits of giving a mock test before the actual CLAT exam. It assists you in strengthening your CLAT preparation. Here are a few significant benefits of CLAT practice tests that help you crack CLAT.

  • Helps in the identification of weak areas

    CLAT practice tests are a great way to identify your weak areas. While you appear in a mock test, you get to know various questions that you find difficult to answer. These questions are your weak points that need a little extra focus so that you have amended your learning by the time you appear for the actual exam.

  • Helps in practice and preparation

    The more you practise, the closer you get to success. A  mock test will have questions similar to the actual CLAT exam that will help you practise such questions and become a master of the same.

  • Provides an opportunity to take risks and experiment

CLAT online mock tests give you an opportunity to experiment with the technique and approach that you apply while you give the exam and decide which one suits you the best. You only get to give the actual CLAT exam once, where you will not get the opportunity to test your techniques.

  • Helps you increase your accuracy

Practising mocks multiple times will assist you in becoming more accurate with your answers. The more questions and challenges you face, the more experience you will gain from dealing with such challenges. This will, in turn, help you accelerate your accuracy.

  • Helps in increasing the speed

Once you develop a habit of answering the questions asked in CLAT, your speed of answering such questions will escalate by itself. This lets your brain get accustomed to solving them in seconds.

  • Provides space for self-evaluation

After every mock test you give, you will get to know your result. This helps you in self-evaluation. Rectifying your mistakes after every mock helps you acquire the best version of yourself to present in the CLAT exam.

Climb the Ladder of Success with Clat Possible

Clat Possible offers three different variants of the All India Mock Test Series For Law Entrance Exams. These three types of mock test series have features according to the requirements of the law aspirants and the level of their preparation. These CLAT online mock tests help students to prepare, strategise, analyse and know their weak/strong areas. The Clat Possible mock test series is your one-stop point to prepare and crack the CLAT entrance exam. The three types of Mock test series offered by Clat Possible are mentioned below:

  • Hammer It Plus- This CLAT mock test series by Clat Possible includes:
  • 80 CLAT Mocks + 50 AILET Mocks + 10 other Law Entrance Exam Mocks
  • 2 Doubt Sessions per month
  • MyZone Access
  • Video Analysis
  • Hammer It- This test series starts at a comfortable level to let you first adapt to the notion of the word test. This CLAT mock test series includes:
  • 70 CLAT Mocks + 40 AILET Mocks + 10 other Law Entrance Exam Mocks
  • 2 Doubt Sessions per month
  • MyZone Access
  • Video Analysis
  • Hammer It Express- Clat Possible offers this test series based on the new CLAT pattern! This CLAT mock test series includes:
  • 50 CLAT Mocks + 25 AILET Mocks + 5 other Law Entrance Exam Mocks
  • 2 Doubt Sessions per month
  • MyZone Access
  • Video Analysis

Moreover, various coaching centres now conduct online and offline mock series, which is icing on the cake! If aspirants take it seriously and attend mock tests with discipline, it will assist them a lot in their exam preparation. The mock tests will also help you update yourself with the latest exam pattern and, most importantly, help you to be calm during the actual CLAT exam. CLAT practice tests surely add a winning edge to your preparation for CLAT. Therefore, taking mock tests offered by Clat Possible can help you ace the most esteemed law exam in India – CLAT!

Prepare for Your Law Entrance Like a Pro With CLAT Mock Test Series

CLAT is a national-level entrance exam conducted for admission into undergraduate and postgraduate law programmes offered by various National Law Universities (NLUs) and other participating institutions in India.

The number of students appearing for the exam is constantly rising.

Wondering why is that? Have a look at the following points which highlight the benefits of giving the CLAT exam:

  • Admission to Top Law Colleges: The CLAT exam is the gateway to some of the top law colleges in India. Successful candidates can secure admission into various undergraduate and postgraduate law programmes offered by NLUs and other participating institutions in India.
  • Career Opportunities: After completing a law degree from a top law college, one can explore various career opportunities in the legal profession, such as litigation, corporate law, civil services, academics, and more.
  • Prestigious Job Profiles: A law degree from a reputed institution can also help candidates secure prestigious job profiles in various sectors such as law firms, government organisations, NGOs, and more.
  • Recognition: CLAT is a well-recognized and respected entrance exam in the field of law, and clearing this exam can provide candidates with a sense of achievement and recognition.
  • Scholarships: Several NLUs offer scholarships to meritorious students based on their CLAT scores, which can help them pursue their law education without financial constraints.

Why is CLAT Mock Test Series Important?

But the growing competition has increased the difficulty of the exam. So here comes the mock test series for CLAT, which will help you get ahead of the competition.

These mock test series offer a number of benefits to students preparing for the CLAT. Some of these benefits include:

  • Assessment of Exam Preparedness: Mock tests help students to assess their preparedness for the actual exam. By taking a mock test, students can understand their strengths and weaknesses and focus on improving their weak areas.
  • Effective Time Management: Practice tests can help students to manage their time effectively during the actual exam. By practising with mock tests, students can learn to allocate their time properly for each section of the exam.
  • Familiarity with Exam Pattern: The CLAT mock test series can help students become familiar with the exam pattern and the type of questions they will encounter on the exam day. This familiarity can help students feel more confident and less anxious during the exam.
  • Improved Speed and Accuracy: By practising with mock tests, students can develop strategies for answering questions quickly and accurately.
  • Identifying Knowledge Gaps: Mock tests can help students identify gaps in their knowledge and understanding of the subject matter. This can help them to focus their studies on areas where they need to improve.

Overall, CLAT mock tests can be a valuable tool for students preparing for the exam. By taking mock tests, students can improve their chances of performing well on the exam and achieving their desired results.


Clat Possible Mock Test Series – The Best Test Series for Law Entrance


Clat Possible is a popular coaching institute in India that offers both offline and online CLAT preparation. In addition to regular classes, the institute also conducts mock test series to help students assess their preparation and performance.

The mock test series offered by Clat Possible is designed to simulate the actual CLAT exam. The series includes the following three types of mock tests, which can be CLAT online mock tests too, and are updated regularly to reflect changes in the exam pattern & syllabus:

  • Full-Length Mock Tests: These tests are based on the latest CLAT exam pattern and cover all the sections – English, General Knowledge, Mathematics, Legal Reasoning, and Logical Reasoning. The mock tests are timed to simulate the actual exam, and students are given a report on their performance along with an answer key.
  • Sectional Tests: These tests focus on individual sections of the CLAT exam and help students identify their strengths and weaknesses in each section and work on improving their performance. The sectional tests cover all the topics within each section, and students are given detailed explanations of the answers.
  • Topic-Wise Tests: These tests are particularly useful for students who need to focus on specific areas of the exam. The tests cover a wide range of topics within each section and help students revise and practise specific topics.

Some of the most popular All-India mock test series of Clat Possible are as follows:

  • Hammer IT Plus: This test series contains 140 mocks, 80 CLAT Mocks, 50 AILET Mocks and 10 other Law Entrance Exam Mocks. Students will get access to video analysis of the answers along with 2 doubt sessions per month.
  • Hammer IT: It has a total of 120 mocks, out of which 70 are CLAT Mocks, 40 are AILET Mocks, and 10 are other Law Entrance Exam Mocks. Video analysis of the answer key and 2 doubt sessions per month are also available.
  • Hammer IT Express: This mock test series contains 80 mocks, 50 CLAT Mocks, 25 AILET Mocks and 5 other Law Entrance Exam Mocks. Video analysis and 2 doubt sessions per month are provided in this series too.


In addition to the mock test series, Clat Possible offers a range of other resources to help students prepare for the CLAT exam. These include study materials, video lectures, doubt-clearing sessions, and one-on-one mentoring.

Overall, the CLAT mock test series offered by CLAT Possible is a valuable resource for students preparing for the CLAT exam. The series helps students assess their preparation and identify areas where they need to improve. With regular practice and feedback, students can boost their confidence and performance in the exam. So, wait no more and sharpen your skills with Clat Possible!